“Isn’t Walt Disney’s head supposed to be on the fifty cent piece?”


Blogger Netwerke Transmixion Stardate 3.28.03

Well, Aggieconm was fun. I almost made a profit, but my car went died on the way home, wiping out all of my profits. So now I’m out $250 and vehicleless. I had to pay a mechanic $160 just to tell me he couldn’t do anything about my engine. They didn’t even put the engine back together before they had me haul it off (that would have cost another $40); when you open the hood, there’s just a pile of components.

The Ayn Rand institute has put out a campaign of letters to the editor trying to explain off the peace movement, saying our motivation is more about hatred of Bush than of empathy for Iraqi peoples. Clearchannel has been funding pro-war demonstrations to coincide with known large anti-war demonstrations. The American media has been skewing the numbers of both demonstrations towards the pro-war favor. Grr….

Plus I’m sick as a dog.

Check this. Funny stuff.

I’m gonna look into putting together my own online store on this site or something. I’m currently offering the ORIGINAL pages from issues 1-3 for sale. Email me for prices.

well, anyway…I’m kinda tired and the library is about to close, so until next time.

Blogger Transmixion Truncated…

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